Starward Tawny Single Malt Australian Whisky 48% 500ml

Starward Tawny Single Malt Australian Whisky 48% 500ml

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Type: Single Malt Australian Whisky
Country: Australia
Region: Melbourne
Volume: 500ml
ABV: 48%
Release: 2019

From Starward:
Sip it straight. While you're deeply engrossed in a conversation or just as you dip into your (third) helping of pudding. Swirl it and inhale the orange, oaky aroma. Then sip again.
Tawny is complex enough to intrigue an expert yet smooth enough to tempt a newbie.
This limited edition project whisky is unlikely to stick around.

We matured our Tawny whisky in fortified wine barrels. That's fully matured; not just a flourish at the end. It's just our way of revealing each barrel's full potential for a rich, intense taste.
Just like Port, Tawny is a fortified wine that's decadent, rich and easy-drinking. We wanted this exact character for our Tawny whisky. Something that's a real occasion drink. A straight-sipper for those after-dinner moments that stretch luxuriously into the night.

Nose / Dried orange, raisins, toasty oak and fig.
Palate / Sweet at first with brown sugar, dried fruit and nutmeg.
Finish / Balanced with a slow, spicy dryness.
Future / This one's a great straight sipper, especially with a cheeseboard, dessert or after dinner.